Toronto Engagement

CNE Engagement | Laura + Jay


He's a designer at Audi Konzept in Munich. She's a graphic designer in Toronto. They met on a designer platform online, fell in love, and date for two years before they met in person in Toronto. When Laura looked at Jason, there's admiration in her eyes. When Jay looked at Laura, there's love in his. Going to the Canadian National Exhibition (the Ex) was an annual family tradition of Jay's since he's small. Jay's visiting Toronto this time of the year and the two of them decided to have their engagement session done in this special place. I had only been to the CNE twice myself. Frankly, I used to think that it's overrated. Jay and Laura showed me a new perspective. It's indeed a place full of fun and joy and it's not because of the many game stations nor the revolutionary food offerings but the spirit of family and friend gatherings. Most couples felt somehow awkward with engagement sessions in the public. Jay and Laura were no exception given the fact that the CNE was especially busy compared to other places/ events in Toronto. But they were able to relax quickly and focused on each other's company. The bond between them was strong. At the end of the session as the sun was setting, I thought to myself what a romantic place CNE could be too. It's fun, joyful and romantic. What a unique location for engagement photos it was. Congratulations Jay and Laura. I will see you again when you get married!


High Park Engagement Photos// Stephanie + Jason// Cherry Blossoms and Much More

There's no bad weather for making good photographs. 

I have been praying for the sun and some beautiful cherry blossoms for this Spring engagement shoot with Stephanie and Jason at High Park. That's what Stephanie has been wishing for. After some scheduling and rescheduling, we were still out of luck. The day we've decided on was unfortunately dark and windy. Most of the cherry blossoms have been blown away after the storm the day before. I arrived early to scout for a good spot for some remaining flowers and found a couple other interesting spots at that were perfect for intimate and candid shots. There's no bad weather for making good photographs and sometimes the most unexpected situations are the most inspiring. Although during the shoot Stephanie was still worried that the gloomy weather might affect the quality of the photographs and also that her nervousness might show in the pictures, I think we captured some of her best moments with Jason. These frames turn out to be great and both Stephanie and Jason look natural and beautiful. It's always a good feeling coming out from an engagement session learning more about my couples and making them more at ease and confident in front of the camera. I can't wait to document their wedding in a few months.