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About Evolylla Photography/ Ally

“Be yourself. I much prefer seeing something, even it is clumsy, that doesn’t look like somebody else’s work.” –William Klein

Welcome to Evolylla Photography, the creation of a rather quirky Toronto-based artist. My name is Ally and I am a wedding photographer specializing in documentary wedding photography that captures genuine emotions that only fleeting moments can convey. Although I see the value in posed pictures, it is the candid moments and real emotions that ignite my heart. I'm based in this wonderfully vibrant city called Toronto. I am passionate about what I do for a living and I have a lot of fun doing it. I also enjoy travelling (click to see my travel photos) and I am the proud momma of a delightful golden retriever fur baby (#seasonthegoldenretriever on IG or Facebook) who patiently stays up late for me on every wedding night. While I feel that I have many talents, regrettably, writing is not one of them; I suggest we could go grab a coffee and chat more in person. I would love to share with you my vision and to capture your love in a perspective unique to you and your beloved.

About Documentary Wedding Photography

“There is a creative fraction of a second when you are taking a picture. Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition when to click the camera. That is the moment the photographer is creative. Oop! The Moment! Once you miss it, it is gone forever.” –Henri Cartier-Bresson

My documentary wedding photography combines candid photography and unscripted creativity to produce a unique wedding epic that plays like a tender romantic movie. Many remark that these images remind them of cinematic film-stills. Each picture is part of a personal, grandiose saga. This documentary style wedding photography works the best for evoking a very intimate, personal experience, something we aspire all nuptial exchanges to be.

xx,  Ally