About Evolylla Photography/ Ally

“Be yourself. I much prefer seeing something, even it is clumsy, that doesn’t look like somebody else’s work.” –William Klein

Welcome to Evolylla Photography, the creation of a rather quirky Toronto-based artist. My name is Ally. I am a wedding photographer specializing in documentary wedding photography that captures real emotions; real emotions that only fleeting moments can convey. Although I see the value in posed pictures, it is the otherwise unnoticed candid moments and subtle emotions that ignite my heart. I am passionate about documenting weddings genuinely and believe that every aspect of a wedding should be intimate and reminds your of something personal. I would love to hear all about you, your relationship and your wedding. If I'm lucky enough to be your wedding photographer, I want to deliver on your expectations

About Documentary Wedding Photography

“There is a creative fraction of a second when you are taking a picture. Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition when to click the camera. That is the moment the photographer is creative. Oop! The Moment! Once you miss it, it is gone forever.” –Henri Cartier-Bresson

My documentary style wedding photography is a unique combination of candid wedding photography and unscripted creativity. Many remark that my images have a cinematic look. They look like film stills straight out from a movie. This is a result of my documentary approach and a keen eye for candid moments. Each picture unfolds part of your personal love story. Documentary-style candid wedding photography works the best for evoking an intimate experience of couples who follow their hearts. My photography doesn't only focus on the people but also on the content; it's intended to capture the essence of your relationship and preserve memory. My words are limited; let the photos speak for themselves. I wish my work resonates with you and you see yourself in some of my images.

xx,  Ally