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Unconventional Chinese Wedding Photos// Aki + Simon// Day

Happy Wife.
Happy Life.

That's the mandate of the day and now mandate of Simon's life, to make Aki happy. After knowing the two of them, I think that mandate is very achievable. Aki is a genuinely happy and easygoing person. The two are very much in love. Aki came all the way from Japan to attend her own wedding in Toronto and was welcomed warmly with some traditional Chinese wedding practices including wearing a Chinese wedding dress, Qipao. Aki's parents also came a long way from Japan and her sister from Australia to witness Aki and Simon's wedding and enjoyed the fun. In the morning, Simon and his groomsmen was challenged by the bridesmaids with (torturing) Chinese wedding door games before he could pick up his bride. The young couple and their amazingly fun bridal party made the traditional Chinese wedding very fun and quite unconventional. 

We are starting with a few frames of the bridal party pictures and  then the couple's adventurous wedding portraits in downtown Toronto. It was supposed to be a rainy and even stormy day though I sometime suspect our weather forecast. It started pouring when we were in the middle of a open space. Lucky for Aki and Simon they had the traditional red umbrella of a Chinese wedding and lucky for me I could use the opportunity to capture a rain shot! After the portraits we have pictures from earlier of the day of the girls getting ready and the wedding door games. Stay tuned for more fun from the night in a separate post coming up soon.


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