Tips on Winter Engagement Photos in Toronto

canadian winter wedding engagement 1.jpg

Winter engagement photos in Toronto is one of its kind. The thick air and snowy weather give winter photos a different vide than the other seasons, a rather unique one. On many winter days, the sky is grey and the ground is white. This creates a natural filter and light reflector for portraits that enhances the tone of the images and skin colour.   

Winter engagement photos can be done easy if we follow these three tips:

  1. Always dress warmer than you think you should - when you're freezing, no good picture can be done. If the weather forecast says it's minus ten Celsius degree, dress if it's minus twenty. It can feel very cold as the session goes on. Especially on a sunny day, don't let the sun fools you.
  2. Wear layers - wearing proper layers helps you to stay warm without the need for a bulky down jacket. Think thermal/ wind proof layers and scarves and gloves and water proof shoes. You also have the flexibility to take off the outer layers for pictures.
  3. Be adventurous - winter is the quietest time for outdoor pictures in Toronto. This allows us to take pictures in locations that are normally too busy for engagement sessions or places that are non existent in other seasons if we dare to take advantage of this time of the year (on a frozen lake for example). Toronto can look quite different in the winter if we pay close attention and winter engagement photos can be very rewarding. If it snows, it's perfectly fine for pictures!
  4. Trust your photographer - be patient with and confident in yourself and your photographer will help to make the photo making process easy and fun.


    Toronto Winter Engagement Session