Merchants of Green Coffee Wedding | Amy + Fadi


This wedding was captured prior to the venue’s renovation in 2017. Click to see a more recent Jam Factory Wedding/ Merchants of Green Coffee Wedding after the renovation.

Amy and Fadi had their winter wedding in possibly the coldest time in Toronto, mid February. To say that their big personalities and beautiful wedding party warmed up the day would sound like exaggeration but it's in reality what happened. I shot a winter engagement two days prior to their wedding and it was freezing cold at minus twenty degrees. Came Saturday, the sun was out and it totally felt like Spring. After the early afternoon ceremony at SMSK Coptic Orthodox Church, we had an amazing wedding photo session at Merchants of Green Coffee, or the Jam Factory on the second level of Merchants to be exact. Amy and Fadi picked this wedding photo location for their love for coffee. Merchants of Green Coffee's a cozy space with rustic, industrial finish and it's perfect for unique wedding photos. Since we had the second level all to ourselves, it also became a cool spot for the wedding party to hang out after the ceremony before the reception and was perfect for some intimate wedding photos for the bride and groom. I'm starting to find that I often write a lot about the wedding locations because to be completely honest I always got excited about these cool spaces. I wouldn't get to see so many unique spots in Toronto if I weren't a wedding photographer and if my couple weren't so creative and open to the many different alternatives for getting their wedding photos done and hosting their weddings. I'm happy to be part of a very personalized day. This day, Amy and Fadi picked Merchants of Green Coffee which fitted their style and can relate to them as a couple. The sun was about to set as we were finishing up our photo session at Merchants of Green Coffee and thanks to the unexpected warm weather, we were able to snap a couple quick frames outdoor in the middle of February. The directional sunlight highlighted our departure as if it was the end of a cool photo session and only the opening of a fun wedding reception evening. On that note, I must admit that I love Amy and Fadi's choice of head table design. The decorations were simple yet warm and rustic, It transformed the space inside Sala Caboto, a wedding hall inside the Columbus Event Centre. I tend to skip quickly to the end as I describe the wedding night. But the photos speak for themselves. It's a fun night that marked the end of my first wedding for 2017 and I wouldn't have my year begin any way else. Congratulations again to Amy and Fadi!