Winter Engagement Photos | Michelle + Omar

Michelle and Omar were brave enough to have this intimate winter engagement photo session in minus twenty degree celsius weather on a typical Toronto winter day. With their pre wedding photo session coming up in March at Graydon Hall, we picked Scarborough Bluffs for a different vibe and some outdoor scenic engagement pictures. After these two intimate photo sessions in the winter, the formal wedding was scheduled on a summer day in a few months. These two were not wasting time since they were engaged in 2016 year end and I loved that. The fast wedding planning pace was telling me that they can't wait to be married to each other. The bond between Michelle and Omar was so strong. Despite the fact that they were slightly camera-shy and needed some time to warm up for this late afternoon winter photo session, their love for each other was evident in their engagement pictures as well as during when the photos were taken. It's through the slightest smile and the lightest touch I documented Michelle and Omar's dear relationship. The Toronto winter and its unique winter air gave this engagement a sheer of softness and extra touch of romance. As the sun was setting over Scarborough bluffs and lake Ontario, the session came to an end yet I felt like it's just the beginning of something greater.