Alternative Intimate Wedding at The Jam Factory


Susi and Aaron's lunch wedding at The Jam Factory was more of a personalized, intimate event than a wedding in many ways. The two stayed in an Airbnb the night before and got ready together on their wedding day. Susi ran out to buy coffee for everyone after her makeup's done. She then took the time to enjoy some pastries before getting dressed while Aaron's slowly suiting up. It's nothing traditional. The morning preparation was a reflection of how the day rolled out. It's all about having a good time. Getting ready together should really be the new trend in weddings. It's quite unique and intimate for a couple to spend a quite morning together before the big day unfolds itself. For Susi and Aaron, there's no first look but a groovy morning together; there's no vows (and no wedding ring for Aaron, sorry dude) but a symbolic handfasting ceremony; and there's technically no speech from the couple as Susi went up with Aaron to only say that they didn't have a speech and simply proposed a toast. At first glance, there were so many traditional wedding elements missing from Susi and Aaron's alternative wedding at The Jam Factory. But deep down, I personally believed that this was what a wedding's really about. It's mostly if not all about the two of you. It's how you wanted to spend this day together committing to each other, as quietly or as loudly as you pleased. It could be as private and low-key as an elopement. It could be sweet and romantic or one could turn it into a wild party. You should invite as many or as few people as you desired. It's not as much about being untraditional and different but being true to yourselves. I had the pleasure documenting many traditional weddings where the bride and groom also had the greatest time and treasured all the guests presented at their relatively big wedding. Susi and Aaron just set an example for those of who wanted to think outside the box and had a more intimate and relaxed time when it comes to tying the knot.

Cheers to staying true to yourselves!



Venue | Jam Factory TO
Hair and Makeup | Windy Chiu
Floral | Pearl & Bloom
Cake | Little Lilac
Photography | Toronto Wedding Photographer - Evolylla Photography