Berkeley Church Wedding Documentary

Berkeley Church Wedding

Tammy and Darren's Berkeley Church wedding incorporated their love for a rustic flare as found in this unique venue in downtown Toronto with a blend of elegance and history as well as Tammy's Chinese culture. The day started with Darren embracing the Chinese wedding traditions namely the door games and tea ceremony which were pretty fun to document. Darren was so sweet to write Tammy a long love letter along with a gift to be sent to his bride in the morning. Tammy was already in tear before her groom's arrival and the wedding day's officially started. After the tea ceremony, Tammy changed from her Chinese red dress to her gorgeous wedding dress for a first look at Berkeley Church. She's in tear again. In fact, Tammy was so emotional throughout the day and her tears had made the day that much more special. She didn't hide her sadness from leaving home nor her happiness from marrying the love of her life. The two of them were so beautiful together and their happiness extended to the two families and their friends. The intimate wedding reception was filled with tears and laughters. The four parents went around the tables meeting each other's families and friends. As I was witnessing the day unfolded, I thought to myself this's what a wedding's all about. It's love in different forms and shapes being celebrated. I wish these wedding photos will always remind Tammy and Darren of this beautiful day, the challenges they've been through and overcame to make this day possible, and the promising future they have in front of them as a married couple.