Romantic Wedding at Berkeley Church Toronto


Berkeley Church was a unique wedding venue in Toronto. I frequently photographed weddings at the Berkeley Church and Dina and Aren were the right couple for this particular space. They were very laid back. Berkeley Church was perfect for couples who wanted minimal planning and rather enjoyed their wedding day as it naturally unfolded. They appreciated unique wedding photos. I always found it inspiring to shoot in and around Berkeley Church. There's nothing particularly stood out at the location. But together, the historical building and its contemporary urban surroundings made it interesting to compose creative wedding photos. These wedding photos focused on the people and their connection rather than landscape. Dina and Aren were able to have a wedding that was unique to them and highlighted not only the romance between the two of them but also the love they had for their friends and families. No scripted speech. But every said word was from the bottom of their hearts. Thank you Dina and Aren for trusting me to document your intimate relationship. From your engagement session earlier in the fall to this wedding day photography, I truly enjoyed documenting all those romantic moments and illustrate your love story in photographs. Thank you also for leaving me so sweet of a review. It meant a lot to me.