George Restaurant Wedding Toronto


This was a very small wedding at George Restaurant Toronto. Taken place in a private room, Jeanette and Robin's intimate wedding was joined by both sides' parents and Robin's sister - seven of them in total. Jeanette's parents flew in from Vancouver for this occasion, welcomed by Toronto's winter. Not only was this wedding intimate and private, it's also very personal and sweet. The dinner consisted of a mini open bar and a customized menu. Everyone dressed up earnestly. Jeanette was especially gorgeous, minimalistic but gorgeous. There's no compromise in this wedding because of its size. Rather, the affection Jeanette and Robin had for each other and the love they had for their families was heartfelt, and evident in the details of this simple wedding. It's a unique opportunity for me as a wedding photographer to document such an exclusive event. To witness weddings in different shapes and forms with my own eyes was pure joy. It's my belief that we should all have a wedding that tailored to our preference and was meaningful to us. Thank you Jeanette and Robin for having me. It's been an unforgettable evening.