Steam Whistle Wedding


Alanna and Eric's Steam Whistle wedding wasn't a typical one. No pastel colours can be found. Bridesmaids were in beautiful black dresses and the fall colour floral palette was astonishingly rich and alluring. The wedding's uniqueness and emotions were best documented in moody photography. Alanna and Eric's distinct taste extended to their alternative choice of wedding cake. A cheese wheel on the head table smelled just as good if not better than the abundant, fresh flowers. So much thoughts went into this wedding. It's the thoughts not the decorations which made the wedding unique and memorable to Alanna and Eric. Many shedded tears on this day for the joy for those who gathered together and the sorrow for those who couldn't attend but were watching from above. In the end, a wedding was not just about a happy ending but also a reminder to appreciate and cherish all the important people in our life. Thank you Alanna and Eric for showing me this important yet often neglected significance of a wedding. May my wedding photography captured the moments and emotions that would put a smile on your face in the years to come.



Floral | Coriander Girl
Caterer | 10tation
Decor | Event Rental Group
Venue | Steam Whistle Brewery
Wedding Photography | Evolylla Photography