Intimate Wedding in Port Perry


This was an intimate wedding. Very much so. This was also a very local wedding to Port Perry, a beautiful small town in Durham Ontario. From the bride's getting ready at the Piano Inn in historic downtown Port Perry to the groom's getting ready on Scugog Island. From the ceremony at Port Perry United Church to the small wedding reception at Marwan's Global Bistro just down the street. It's all Port Perry. It's local and spontaneous. For the wedding portraits, we took candid photos while exploring the historic downtown and stopping by to say hi to some of the merchants the bride and groom know of in town. It's a nice short walk in a sunny afternoon. This intimate local wedding was also very heartwarming. At the reception at Marwan's, every speech filled the small space with laughters and tears. It never was a dull moment. As a documentary wedding photographer, it felt really special to capture the connections and interactions between close friends and families on a special occasion. A meaningful stare can say so much. A ever so lightly smile can say so much. A tear can say so much. Documentary wedding photography documented not only the fun and happy moments on your wedding day but also the unspoken words of those important people in your life, who always meant to tell you how much they care but rarely found the right word to get the idea across. The opportunity to document weddings genuinely was a gift to me. This intimate wedding in Port Perry was a living proof. The love story, between husband and wife, amongst friends and within family, unfolded and developed on its own. A day became a slice of life that reminded us how blessed we could be if we opened our hearts and paid attention to the people around us.