Country Engagement Photos, part 3, Eloped


Click to see also part 1 and part 2 of this elopement:
part 1 -  Elope in Paris Ontario
part 2 - A Day in Paris

What's it about an elopement that makes it such a sexy idea. Is it the intimacy? Is it the secretive nature? Or is it the intuitiveness? In contrast to planning a wedding, eloping can be much less of a headache. There's no guest list. No one to impress. The cost is cheaper. Any destination of choice could work hence getting hitched at a dream location is easy. Be that the most scenic destination or the most intimate place that means something to your relationship. I won't lie. I personally love the idea of elopements. I'm a private person when it comes to relationship. It means a lot to me that there's room for intimate moments and to take everything in quietly. This series of elopement story in Paris Ontario really ignited my heart. The idea was really just a road trip to Paris Ontario for some spontaneous engagement photos. The twist was that Jess and Jo originally wanted a destination wedding in France. Jo's from Paris and Jess's pretty much Toronto based (though this girl had lived in many parts of the world). I had this romantic wedding story for the couple in my head. This engagement session might as well be a mini elopement. From Part 1's quick stop at an American-style diner that fulfills Jo's fantasy for reliving a Hollywood movie to Part 2's arrival in Paris Ontario and just wondering around town, the story is spontaneous and subtle. It's personal and it's filled with love and joy. It's something you walked out from and found yourself loving the other person more. It's an elopement in definition. Everyone can elope, even without signing any paper and without an official witness. We need no reason to elope, only a desire. We're each other's witness. The promises are only made to you and it's up to me to safeguard. We're in love, we tell each other that. The world will hear us in our actions, in our care for each other, in the way I look at you. The photos are the proof of this moment in time when I commit to you and you to me. We eloped.