Osgoode Hall Pre Wedding Photos

Osgoode Hall was a popular wedding and pre-wedding photo location for good reasons. It's free which's always great. It's also a versatile space for creative portraits. Osgoode Hall had a fair amount of green garden space and blossomed beautifully in the Spring season. Crystal and Alvin's pre wedding photos took advantage of the romantic Spring colours. The dominant pink colours looked stunning in contrast with the historic landmark building in beige. Crystal also happened to wear this complimentary pastel pink dress. Together, I found this set of pre wedding photos at Osgoode Hall had the right mixed of Asian flavour and Western style. It brought us back to an European colony in the 20th century. It's subtly romantic and delicately vibrant. Osgoode Hall didn't only provide a garden backdrop and impressive architecture. It's also at the heart of downtown Toronto and next to Toronto city hall and Nathan Phillips Square. It meant we're literally steps away from a city scene. The one obvious drawback of having wedding photos done at Osgoode Hall was the traffic. It got busy on the weekends. Pre wedding photos at Osgoode Hall, however, could work well on those less busy days. Crystal and Alvin had their pre wedding photos here on a Saturday early May. It wasn't bad at all. We were able to have some nice Torontonians to step out for a couple wide angle portraits in front of the hall. The Spring colours were gorgeous when compared to the summer which happened to be the peak wedding season in Toronto. Pre wedding photos were quite common in Asia and many Chinese weddings in Toronto prefer to include a pre wedding session. The simplified version of it could be quite similar to an engagement session. It's couple photos done prior to a wedding. It's slightly more formal with the dress code. But essentially, it had the same purposes as an engagement session to get the couple familiar with the camera and their wedding  photographer and had more beautiful portraits done prior to their wedding day hence taken some stress off the wedding day. Crystal and Alvin had the simplified version. The entire session was less than 90 minutes. Some pre wedding photo sessions can get intense and took an entire day. It's a wedding in itself. I personally preferred casual pre wedding photos with a documentary approach. I loved capturing the couple's real emotions and candid interactions instead of posing them for every pre wedding picture. Although by nature pre wedding photos are posed but I believed when we put them side of side, many couples would love to see themselves in the zone than just a stiff face. Crystal and Alvin wrote to me after the session that they found their expression stiff in some images and joked about practising their facial expression for their summer wedding. To me, I found them the most attractive when the pictures were posed candidly. What do you think about pre wedding photos? Have you heard of them at all and what style of pre wedding photos do you prefer?