Graydon Hall Wedding Photos

Michelle and Omar's wedding photography might as well be a great inspiration for pre wedding photos. The two had a minimalistic in-home wedding ceremony and chose Graydon Hall Manor as their wedding photo location. It's a winter wedding and Graydon Hall turned out to be the perfect location for wedding photography in such weather. Although Graydon Hall's known for its beautiful garden and popularity for summer weddings, its interior shouldn't be overlooked. It's a cozy space for indoor wedding photos in the winter. This intimate wedding venue had also been renovated recently and as a wedding photographer who always pays attention to the smallest details and unique atmospheres, I must admit that making wedding photos in Graydon Hall felt like creating film stills for a movie. I love its interior full of artistic characteristics and its matching decorations. The wedding pictures came out moody yet soft and romantic. The effect was subtle. It didn't cry out loud but it surely made a lasting impact through the intimate moments and genuine emotions captured. Michelle and Omar were happy about the wedding photos and were quite content for the fact that we stayed indoor almost entirely. I wish these two lovebirds lots of happiness and a wonderful summer wedding reception in a few months. 

xx, Ally