At Home Engagement Photos


At home engagement photos are the best engagement photos. That is, if you agree with what I think it's the best engagement session as mentioned on the main Engagement Photos page. To my couples, an engagement session is not a cheesy process to get staged photos which have nothing to do with their connection to each other, but a day-in-life documentary of their relationship. We get some cool posed photos during too because it's fun to do and we're in the spirit to do so. A lot more is staged candid photos with a soul. Sarah and Bobby's at home engagement session in their Hamilton home is the best example. It's a documentary photography session of an engaged couple's life. The engagement pictures highlight not only their love for each other but their shared love for pizzas, beers and tattoos. The photos documented their relationship through a series of candid photography when they're in their zone. At home engagement becomes an easy choice for intimate couple photos as more couples choose to live together before their marriage. While this is definitely not the only option for documentary-focus couple photos, we have the advantage of being comfortable and private at home while listening to your favourite music playlist in the background. I must address many's concerns about having a perfect, cool home for good pictures, there's no ugly home for at home engagement pictures. I've done at home engagement sessions and family lifestyle documentary sessions, there's no one home that I didn't fall in love with. Plus, the focus is always the people. People make a house home. With Sarah and Bobby. they have their home personally decorated with an unique style that speaks for their personalities. They plan to include a pizza lunch to document their favourite activity as a couple. They make coffee for the sake of more actions and more cool photos. They make their bed and jump on to end the session with sexy engagement photos.

Everything work out well because it's planned and yet so unplanned and spontaneous. That's why at home engagement session can easily be the best engagement session to document real moments. The familiarity facilitates conversations and natural interactions and intimacy.

If you don't live together yet or decided against an at home engagement session but still wish to have your couple life documented in unique engagement photos, consider these engagement photo ideas: