Rainbow Valley Wedding Barn Wedding on a Humid Summer Day


I want to give a big shout out to Megan of ME Creative for having me to shoot with her at Brittany and Drew's Rainbow Valley Wedding Barn wedding. It's such a beautiful day at one of the best barn wedding venues in Ontario in my humble opinion. Rainbow Valley Wedding Barn appears to be such an intuitive choice of wedding venue for this wedding when you get to know how down to earth Brittany and Drew and their families and friends are. The drive up to Orangeville on a overcast late summer day turns out to be a road trip in itself. The best weather is overcast weather. This is a wedding photographer speaking. The humidity and filtered, soft sunlight give an extra layer of romance to this gorgeous wedding day. This wedding is rustic yet sweet. It's raw yet polished. Coming from the city, I have a special feeling toward country weddings. It makes me relaxed in a very unique way. It's reading-a-favourite-book-by-the-ocean-on-a-quiet-day kind of way. The scenery, the smell, the atmosphere and the everything together make me feel alive and creative. I wouldn't go so far and say I can live a country life, although I always have that internal debate. I guess I'm still a creature of habits in that sense. But I definitely love country weddings. This day at Rainbow Valley Wedding Barn doesn't feel like work at all. It's a fun day hanging out with a bunch of people in high spirits to celebrate and party. A barn wedding has so many possibilities and is perfect for couples who enjoy the country scenery and wouldn't mind a weekend getaway for their special day. 

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