Rated Top Documentary Photography Blogs By Documentary Photographers


How exciting it is that Evolylla Photography was rated one of the Top 50 Documentary Photography Blogs & Websites By Documentary Photographers on FeedSpot.com. Being a documentary wedding photographer based in Toronto, it's the highest honour to be listed with some of the best documentary photographers worldwide. On the top of the list, there was British Journal of Photography, a collective of the latest photography news and features since 1854. The goal at Evolylla Photography had always been to combine wedding photography and documentary photography to achieve this alternative genre, namely documentary wedding photography that emphasized on artistic expressions and storytelling through documentation of fleeting candid moments and capturing of the otherwise unnoticed real emotions. This recognition by FeedSpot.com as a noticeable documentary photographer in the community was huge to me at the best timing possible. It reminded me of the core of my journey in wedding photography and photography in general and pushed me to stay focus with Evolylla Photography. 


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