Intimate Backyard Wedding in Lawrence Park Toronto


Andrea and John's backyard wedding in John's Toronto home at Lawrence Park was as intimate and as personal as it can be. The guest list was limited to the closest and dearest. Andrea and John met at Burning Man, a festival and a community I only came to know from my first meeting with the two. On Burning Man's website, it said, it's "A city in the desert. A culture of possibility. A network of dreamers and doers". That kind of summed up who Andrea and John were, as individuals and as a couple. She's a welding artist and he's a musician. Their Burning Man friends from all over the world were invited to the wedding, as well as Andrea's family from London, UK. This wedding was an union of a long distance relationship, two families from different cultures and a bunch of friends who knew how to dance and party. I was so honoured to document Andrea and John's intimate wedding. In it, I witnessed not only their passionate love for each other and for their friends and families but also every person in their element. It's an laid back party that's very much inviting and enjoyable. As the night's getting dark and the party's still loud, I said my goodbyes to Andrea and John and the parents and some of their friends. Andrea gave me a big, sweaty hug and asked "was it a good wedding and did you have fun" in her British accent. Hell yes was my answer.


**Special thanks to Andrea who left me a beautiful review on Google - "...My husband and I have looked through the photos many times over as it is such a joy to re-live that weekend. We are so impressed that Ally managed to capture a story in every photo, the composition is genius!". Click here to read the full review and more from other brides and grooms.

Wedding Planning and Catering: Daniel et Daniel