Mariposa Cruises Wedding - A Unique Wedding Venue in Toronto


Look no further if you're in search for the most unique wedding venue in Toronto. Mariposa Cruises wedding is one of its kind. It's an unforgettable experience to get married on the lake overseeing Toronto's cityscape. In Andrea and John's case, it's a relaxing pre wedding engagement party that warmed up their wedding guests for their backyard wedding on the following day. While there were some representatives from Toronto, most of Andrea and John's guests were from overseas. The cruise wedding party was a great opportunity for both international and local guests to mingle while seeing the city from a unique perspective. The wedding itself was fun and intimate. It's a perfect representation of Andrea and John's relationship. They're one of the coolest couples who just genuinely enjoyed a good time with the closest friends and families. I found that more and more marrying couples were looking for a unique and alternative wedding experience as opposed to a traditional one. Many modern brides and grooms were prioritizing a fun time over a rigid plan while others preferred a balance of spontaneousness and rituals. It's amazing to see couples liberated from rules and have a personalized wedding that's memorable for themselves. Thank you Andrea and John for having me to document your unconventional wedding. It didn't feel like work at all.