Chinese Wedding at Markham Event Centre


I really enjoy photographing weddings in Toronto, one of the most culturally diverse and openminded cities in my humble opinion. My documentary style wedding photography and my beliefs in imperfectness is quite different from the wedding norm's standard. Being part of a wide range of weddings, from traditional and cultural to unconventional and adventurous, fulfill my dream to meet different people and document very different expressions that's differed from culture to culture, individual to individual, as found in real moments. My couples, regardless of the type of weddings they're having, appreciate the subtleness in documentary wedding photography and hire me to capture their wedding in the most genuine way. I'm a Chinese wedding photographer and find the thoughtfulness that influences my photography is partially in my culture and upbringing. Whenever I come across an opportunity to photograph a Chinese wedding, I'm secretly excited. With my candid and untraditional approach to wedding photography, I wish to highlight the subtle nuance of emotions in the Chinese culture in contrast to the predominant emphasis on happy moments in traditional wedding photography. Or I should say happiness also comes in a variety of forms and shapes and my number one avoidance is a cookie-cutting approach. Through observation and precise capturing of a fleeting moment, a culture's uniqueness shines through a wedding photo. In Cassie and Felix's Chinese wedding in Markham, Ontario, different relationship and personalities are reflected in the distinct forms of smiles. A voluntary smile from a mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law at the tea ceremony. A grin on a sister's face when she's giving her just-married little brother a hug. A best man's laughter at the door game while helping his best friend to win over the bride. A smile on a bride-to-be's face before she walks down the aisle versus when she's in her groom's arm. The joy to relive the moments on a wedding day through documentary photography is enormous. These unnoticeable emotions will be otherwise gone forever.

Big moments tell the story. Small moments enrich it. A wedding story is meant to be intimate and personal yet full of flavours.