Young Love in Black and White


Jamie and Devon were two young lovers from Bradford Ontario, getting married in a cottage in Magnetawan. They were each other's soulmate and best friend. I actually didn't know their age but I was certain that they're young at heart. When we met for their wedding photography consultation, we spent an hour chatting about their travel adventures, particularly an incident they encountered in Paris that made us three laughed so hard. Jamie and Devon were easygoing and free-spirited. They chose to have their engagement photos taken in Newmarket, where Devon grew up and the two hung out on the weekends to this day. I decided to showcase these images in black and white to simplify the frame and minimize distractions. I always found black and white images more soulful and storytelling. There's something about the minimalistic composition and documentary emphasis in black and white photography that really caught my eyes. I often photograph weddings and engagements as if I'm shooting black and white. Jamie and Devon in monochrome photography looked youthful and pure, a honest reflection of their personalities and relationship. I looked forward to these two's cottage wedding in less than three months now and I wished them a lifetime of simple happiness.