Hindu Wedding with an Italian Twist


Kiran and Matteo had an international romantic love story to share. They two met in Greece, Santorini to be exact, while each travelling with a friend. Kiran and her girlfriend were travelling from Toronto. Matteo and his guy friend were travelling from Italy. The two first encountered on a beach, a typical Santorini beach embraced by the Mediterranean Sea water, uniquely blue, undeniably beautiful. I found that romantic already as Kiran and Matteo were telling their story over coffee, while occasionally smiling at each other as part of the story seemed to bring up vivid memory, when we first met. The two hit it off right away. At least that's what Matteo thought. It's love at first sight for this soft-spoken Italian gentleman. He asked for her number at the end of that conversation. He couldn't stop thinking about her for the rest of his trip and took the initiative to text her. Only that he never heard back, well, for a good while anyways. As he's about to give up, she texted back. The rest was history. It'd been a long distance relationship with countless short trips between Canada and Italy. It'd been growing love and a lot of efforts and compromises. Kiran and Matteo finally decided to take another step with the relationship and build a home together in Toronto. It wasn't easy news to break to Matteo's family but it's the best for everybody that the two finally stayed in one place. Kiran's hospitable parents and big family also ensure Matteo's parents their son's in good hands. In honour of Kiran's family religion and its rich history, the two families had a Hindu wedding. It's a great honoured to document this emotional event and get to meet both sides' families. Kiran and Matteo were surrounded by support and unconditional love. It's, of out many other things, what made them strong individuals and trusting couple. I will skip to say how stunning Kiran's Hindu wedding dresses were and how tasteful and thoughtful the event design was and let the photos speak for that. Be sure to check out the vendor credits at the bottom of this post should you be interested seeing more works from these amazing wedding vendors. 


Special thank you to the amazing vendors below who together made this beautiful wedding possible.

Decor, Floral & Design, SOIRÉE Planning + Design | Photography, Evolylla Photography | Chair Rental, Detailz Couture Event Rentals | Venue,  Rattlesnake Point Golf Club | Bride's Outfit, Chandan Fashion