Post Wedding Photoshoot | Anna + Dave, Part 3


Click to see part 1 and part 2 of Anna and Dave's wedding day at The National Club.

I was thrilled when Anna reached out to me for a post-wedding photo shoot. In Asia, brides and grooms were accustomed to a pre-wedding photoshoot where brides and grooms put on their wedding gown and suit prior to their wedding day and have the leisure of getting their wedding portraits done in studio or outdoor without the stress of a busy wedding day. A post wedding photoshoot is the same idea but as the name suggests it takes place after wedding.  Both pre-wedding photo sessions and post-wedding photo sessions give the bride and groom more time to enjoy not just the process of taking wedding portraits but also each other's company in such an intimate time. Pre-wedding photoshoot sometimes replaces an engagement session. Personally, I find an e-session essential as it's more relax and personal. I like to call engagement sessions a lifestyle photoshoot. If possible, I prefer the wedding day photography to be dominantly photojournalistic as those moments and interactions and emotions with and in front of loved ones are so precious. It worths every effort to document. It's a luxury for a candid wedding photographer to focus on documenting a wedding day as it is. That's where the post wedding photoshoot comes in handy. On one hand it helps the bride and groom to take some stress out and focus on enjoying the wedding day and on the other hand it allows the bride and groom to feel for the intimacy as wife and husband once again soon after a busy wedding day which often goes by too quickly. From their engagement photos to their wedding day photos to these post wedding photos, I witnessed the love between Anna and Dave evolved. At least that's how I felt when I looked at their photographs. 

Lots of love,