Oakview Terrace Bridal Shower

It's a foggy day. The rain came and went. I met Flora at the Oakview Terrace Reception Centre for her tea-party themed bridal shower. I was expecting a fun party to begin with. Upon arriving, I was even more excited. From the themed costumes to the decorations, the flowers, the linens, to the also themed cake, all details came together. I found the rainy day added amazing textures to the day. Flora and her team of bridesmaids in their England tea party inspired costumes looked classy and beautiful. The day went by fast with fun games and laughters. Groom-to-be Pino showed up at the end of the party with a huge arrangement of roses and romance on his face. The rain stopped just in time so we went out and took some spontaneous engagement photos slash couple portraits for this lovely couple. 

Flora's bridal shower is also featured on the Wedding Co. (http://www.theweddingco.com/bridal-tea-shower/)