Mildred's Temple Kitchen Wedding Proposal


This was a story about the secret proposal True had planned for Nassim. It was a romantic and successful one.

Nassim and True were in a long term relationship. "It took him that long," Nassim joked about True's proposal to her at Mildred's Temple Kitchen, a popular wedding venue in Toronto. Before their brunch was served, True bended down on his knees with a non diamond wedding ring that Nassim preferred over a traditional diamond engagement ring. It wasn't a coincident that Nassim also loves intimate restaurant weddings and Mildred couldn't be a better location for this proposal. I wish I could better describe her reactions and his when she said yes but I wouldn't want to ruin it with my limited words and would leave the proposal photos to do that part of the job. It's just beautiful to witness this. Nassim and True were absolute sweethearts. Nassim had the most natural and beautiful smile on her the entire time we're taking photos and True couldn't seem to take his eyes away from her.

I should've mentioned that Mildred gave Nassim and True a piece of nicely plated cheesecake for the special occasion and I found that very thoughtful of them. The cake also looked very yummy. If you happen to be struggling with a proposal idea or looking for a proposal location in Toronto, maybe the cheesecake in itself is a good reason to consider Mildred's Temple Kitchen.

Nassim and True, thank you for having me to document your proposal. I look forward to your wedding.