Cottage Wedding Ontario Lulu's Repose | Sue + Jana


A couple days after their rustic cottage wedding at Lulu's Repose, when Sue got home from her week-long wed-cation in Magnetawan, Parry Sound, she called to make sure I've made home safe. She also expressed her impressions for the wedding day - "the day went by so fast", "I had no idea what happened", "did we get some good pictures". Like most brides, Sue wanted not just nice wedding portraits but more important documentary wedding photos that can remind her of the story of the day. She's right. A wedding day can go by so fast that sometimes the wedding pictures is the only evidence of its existence. The day passed by me quickly also as I was shooting this wedding by myself and quite occupied trying to capture all the small moments. When I was editing these wedding pictures I also relived the day and I was so touched by the emotions Sue and Jana and their close friends and families shown through the images. They seemed reserved when we first met but the love and affection they shown for their friends and families made their wedding day one of the most intimate ones I've photographed. The I was thrilled when Sue came back to me after receiving her wedding photos and told me how in love she and Jana were with the photos and how much the memories documented in these pictures meant to them. It's so amazing that relationships transcend a photography and a photography transcends relationships. 

Lots of love,