Canoe Restaurant Wedding


Canoe Restaurant is a classy restaurant wedding venue in Toronto’s downtown core. Situated on top of TD tower, the restaurant venue overlooks a good part of Toronto. Comes evening reception, wedding guests are often amazed by the view of the city after dark. Ashley is a surgeon and Jack runs a medical business. The couple wants to have a simple wedding and a wedding venue that requires minimal decoration and yet is tasteful in itself. Canoe Restaurant turns out to be the best wedding venue for these two young professionals’ intimate wedding. Ashley wears an elegant and simple wedding dress which we find a perfect match for the elegant wedding day. It’s a winter wedding but Ashley and Jack braved the cold and we took portraits around the block. Toronto wedding photographers are blessed with the city’s four distinct seasons. While summers are always popular with weddings, winter weddings are uniquely charming. Restaurant weddings in the winter are even more so for its coziness.