99 Sudbury Wedding | Sharon + Colin

Sharon and Colin were keen on seeing each other the first time on their wedding day at the wedding ceremony. They did and neither of them could stop the smile on their face as Sharon's walking down the aisle with her dad. They were hoping for a sunset ceremony at 99 Sudbury. Though the day turned out to be slightly gloomier than expected, Sharon and Colin, no doubt, were in high spirit from the very beginning to the very end. 

It's often a couple's top priority to pick a wedding venue that reflects their vision of an ideal wedding and even better enables the making of beautiful wedding photos. Sudbury 99 was an unique wedding venue for intimate weddings. Sharon and Colin also loved the cityscape between 99 Sudbury and Gladstone Hotel which is 5, 10 mins walk away on Queen West. We were able to make some beautiful night time wedding photos during blue hour. Nighttime wedding portraits could be very rewarding with its unique touch of romance to the images. The touch of soft blue evening light in contrast with Gladstone's historic brick wall exterior was highlighted by the urban lights from automobile headlights and streetlights. It made unique wedding photos. We also made candid wedding photos of Sharon and Colin standing in front of Sudbury 99, kissing at street corners and crossing the street to name a few. I found these city wedding photos very intimate yet casual and natural. It almost looked like an elopement in the city.

99 Sudbury had a great indoor space for weddings. It's an industrial wedding venue with a vintage looking tinted glass wall. Yet, the space looked a little cyber in pictures with its high ceiling, open space and clean walls. An interesting blend of industrial, vintage and cyber look made it a unique space for small weddings. Toronto wedding photographers were lucky to have a diverse list of wedding venues to photograph at. The opportunity inspired a photographer. 

The night was deep and the party was just officially began with the dance floor opened. Sharon and Colin had a fun wedding party and a top-notch (party) guest list. Almost everyone was on the dance floor and stay on the dance floor through out the night. Threw them any tone, they'd dance to it. There's never a dull moment. It's the kind of wedding reception that Sharon and Colin anticipated to see - everybody's having a good time. High heels were off. New friends were made. Sharon and Colin were happily married.