A Winter Wedding at Canoe Restaurant

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This wedding took place at two, I would say, classiest yet coolest wedding venues in downtown Toronto. The historic Hart House at the University of Toronto and the stylish Canoe Restaurant located high atop TD Bank Tower. I want to give a big shoutout to Marianne Rothbauer of Marianne Rothbauer Photography for inviting me to this wedding of Yulia and David's. It's a hell lot of fun to shoot with this girl. Her work is great. Be sure to follow her. Now back to these two beautiful locations for this winter wedding. We departed from One King West to Hart House for wedding portraits and wedding party photos. Although I personally enjoyed documentary wedding photography, making portraits could be fun too. Hart House had amazing architectures and its colours were so perfect for winter photos and went well with a moody style. For some reason, many associated a moody wedding photography style with unhappy wedding pictures. I found it the opposite. Moody wedding photos showed both the widely-expected happy wedding moments as well as the more subtle, emotional moments on a wedding day. That could be the exchange of unspoken words, a hug with an important family member, or an ever so lightly smile to a best friend. Moody wedding photography highlighted not only the people but the content and interactions. At least, that's how I interpreted my slightly different-from-the-norm slash alternative slash so-called dark slash moody wedding photos. To me, no words tell more about a photographer style than the actual photos do. Yulia and David in these pictures definitely looked happy to me. Moving on from the Hart House, we took a Uber to the TD Tower and rose to the top of it. Canoe Restaurant was exceptionally beautiful at night, overseeing busy downtown Toronto streets and the lighten-up CN Tower. Its interior design was modern and timeless. While some might find its wedding ceremony space strangely arranged and difficult to light for pictures in absence of natural light. I loved the space very much. The tone was gorgeous and it created a warm atmosphere in a winter night. It's ideal for small intimate weddings. If you're planning a modern wedding and wouldn't mind impressing your families and friends with Toronto's cityscape and night view, Canoe Restaurant is on the top of my recommendation list. It's the kind of wedding that you get to hang out with all the important people in your life and have a real conversation.



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