Sunrise Engagement Photos// Jina + Paul


Dear Jina and Paul,

Thank you for coming out so early for this sunrise engagement shoot. There was a little bit of drama as we arrived at two different parking lot. We were competing with time as the sunrise was short-lived. I actually didn't worrying as much of missing the sunrise in picture but was more so hoping we can start the e-session with watching the sunrise together. It turned out that we made it in time for the sunrise. It's ironic that as the sun's rising you guys were worried about posing and all and I just urged you to enjoy the moment. As cliche as it might be, I always found sunrise and sunset fascinating. The symbols of a beautiful beginning and a happy, romantic ending of a day always touched me. Being your wedding photographer, I was more responsible to place you in the best spot and document this natural intimate moment than trying to pose you and interrupt the real interactions. You both indicated when we first met that you're not comfortable in front of the camera but these photos of you turned out beautifully. Intimate. Subtle. Something different. Something quite representative of the two of you. 

Lots of love,


I like to feel his eyes on me when I look away.
— Before Sunrise (1995)